Letra da Música: All I Ever Need Is You - Cher

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Sometimes when I'm down and all alone
Just like a child without a home
The love you give me keeps me hanging on, ohh honey
All I ever need is you

You're my first love you're my last
You're my future you're my past
And loving you is all I ask, honey
All I ever need is you

Winters come and they go
And we watch the melting snow
Sure as summer follows spring
all the things you do
give me a reason to build my world around you

Some men follow rainbows and I'm told
Some men search for silver some for gold
I have found my treasure in your soul honey
All I ever need is you

Without love I'd never find a way
Through ups and downs of every single day
I won't sleep at night until you say my honey
All I ever need is you

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