Letra da Música: The Mix Tape Messiah Walks - Chamillionaire

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Color changin click. chamillionaire baby. you in the presence of the finest
Dj smallz lets southern smoke em again. they aint ready
No singing this time. g-yeah g-yeah


They tellin me flip signed and slim too, but koopa he aint true
He aint due, to be the next why he aint blue
I went to new york and i made a mention of dj screw
And the industry a&rs was lookin at me like dj who?
Are you serious? oh, thats the reason i flew in here
So you could treat my culture like a flea market souvenir
Had my confidence ruined here, what the hell am i doin here?
Aint no choppin or screwin here, but i knew it was true its clear
What happened to your ear? i swear im the hardest
I heard the artist you sounded before me i swear they was garbage
Im gonna be back like terminator and i swear its a promise
Cause industry niggas go to college just to end up retarded
Yeah i said it retarded, i ended up in kay slays crib
We chattin he tellin me bout how shady the game is
I felt like i stepped out of a dream and into the matrix
Cause kay slay was realer than the niggas that claim it
Shame its the lames in the highest positions
The real niggas be spittin the lames dont even listen
Get em out is my mission, maybe i'll start a pettition
Ok im probably just wishin, forget that mission im trippin
I hit scarface on the phone and he was givin me game
And charlie braxton in mississippi was givin me the same
They both let me know that ignorance is really to blame
Only a idiot dont realize hes touchin the flame
How could you not feel my pain? you gon feel it regardless
Record labels and artist are smellin like rigimortis
I move from market to market, rappers dead where i park it
While you talk it i walk it, and im just markin my target
Yeah, can i get a witness up in here?
I hope not, they gon snitch then i make that witness dissapear
Yall niggas better get a vision of the air, put your hands up in there
Put your wallets up in here, takeover


You with the bow tie and the pink suit [gun cocks] i want you to stand over there.
Look first put down that b2k cd and put your money up in the bag. ok,ok,good,good


Cause theyll never understand me, them niggas is cotton candy
They vision another grammy, dont give a damn about my family
Now that i think about it, the artist are never happy
They cant convince me that im not a prize, i wont let em have me
My brother can co-sign, how many times i changed my mind
But i never slowed down, all the time, i stayed on my grind
Phone ringing all the time [phone rings], i pick up the other line


Chamillionaire its you know who and we really want you to sign (what)
Hey man. im kinda busy right now man. yeah yeah yeah call me back

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