Letra da Música: Smack DVD Freestyle - Chamillionaire

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I'm the best
Beef is something you should expect
Because the rest
Would break they neck
To be as good as the best
And its obvious I'm the best
So I'm looking for less
And friends
On just pretend
Only looking 4 checks
Say hello to the villain
I would say its nice to meet you
But It's not so I don't pretend it is wen I greet you
Same niggaz that run wit you tryin' to beat you
So I chase money like the payment that's on the lease due
Give me that Give me Give me that
See That
That's why the wallet fatter then a city rat
Feelin' that
Til its really really fat
You hungry tryin' to eat niggaz tryin' to give you snacks
We aint havin' that
You feelin' me
Yeah the only drama that aint compared
And I'm feelin' they scared
So go tell them a said
Imma make a killin' this year
Heading all the way to the top like it aint a ceilin' in here
Mixtape messiah 1 don't act like you aint hear that joint
I'm like young buck wit a knife niggaz gone get my point
So point the hater out
Who say that I aint about
What ever I say I'm bout
That doubt
I'm gone fade them out
And til class number 1
Number 1 less son
Never turn a 1 on 1
To a 1 on guns
If its more then 1
And you notice 1 more come
Make him shut his mouth like a nun
Who don't want no tongue
And he's done
I rock from home to home
To having phone sex
I aint trying 2 bone the phone
I'm tryin 2 get up in the yellow bones chrome a zones
Turn an empty garage in a home to a chrome and zone
Park up in it
I just got a minute
When i spot the kitten
Man I'm about to hit it yeah
I told him I had it lock but they didn't believe me
Now they sayin' "THAT'S RIGHT" like Young Jeezy
Ha Ha you better get up in a nigga face
Get up in a nigga face
Rid him of his dinner plates
They aint eatin' like we eatin'
That's why niggaz gotta hate
Delegate a weapon that will leave him wit the Nelly face
Band-aid on it
First aid pass it
Tellin' you they sendin' you a medical that's it
Forget a throwback hardwood classic
Lay you on your back on the hardwood ass kick
Looking for Koopa don't look for me by your lonely
Cause homie
I keep it on me
That's only
To keep the fonies
Layin' off any place
Not my face
Cause niggaz don't want me to make the cake
Pee like the homie
Except for sony
It's the don
Wit the fond's
Nigga fits your grind
I show your green lights pimpin' outfits was mine
And Slim Thugga my boy so I can switch his line
Forget cars tell MTV to pimp your rhymes

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