Letra da Música: Realest Niggas in It - Chamillionaire

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Excuse me for not introducing myself correctly
I am the Man on Fire, A.K.A. the Mix Tape Messiah
A.K.A. the Chamilli-nator ha-ha, Smallz let's get em
You know what time it is, H-Town stand up you know who I am

Said it then I meant it, (I'm the realest nigga in it)
Said it then I meant it, (I'm the realest nigga in it)
Realest nigga in it, realest nigga in it
You know that Texas what it is, and I'ma represent it

Koopa it's been a minute fool, but the streets of the South say they feeling you
Tell me what you wanna know, and I can lyrically give you a interview
Koopa it's been a minute fool, but the streets of the South say they feeling you
Tell me what you wanna know, and I can lyrically give you a interview
Well one, why do these wanna be ass suckers be on your dick
Cause being fake is in they blood, can't stick with one click so they switch
Two, why the hell these boys keep talking like you gon fail
Cause they think that bar been raised so high, that I can't match them sales
(well can you) yeah nigga just wait and see, you got property you better watch for me
Cause I buy that land that you living on, and sell it right back to you like monopoly
Question three, who producing your album man
Scott Storch, Beat Bullies, Mannie Fresh, Cool & Dre
And the list goes on pimping I'm coming down, hundred miles and I'm gunning
Loud ass speakers growl when they humming, Chamillitary the sound that they summing
One and nothing talking down when I'm not around, got nothing but bad words
You thinking you bad but Cham worse, you couldn't even F' with a damn verse
Plus you must be on that stuff, got em pissing they Pampers
See me pull up on 24's, your hoe horny like antlers

They messing with you my nigga, but I ain't gotta tell you that
You already know that, tell em who you is (the Mix Tape Messiah)
Ok tell em what you represent, (Chamillitary mayn)
Already, H-Town stand up let's go


Realest nigga in it, when I'm riding it be tinted
And the trunk looks like it's dented, cause the bass is at it's limit
Them niggaz they be talking, but them niggaz they don't live it
Said it in a sentence, they might say how they distribute
When you see em they be timid, they ain't even independent
They be living with they mama, man these niggaz full of drama
They might smoke some marijuana, but won't get up off they ass
Till I come down in my slab, posted up behind that glass
Texas what it is, light reflection on my wrist
Looking like a section, of the complexion on my chick
I don't need a click, all I need's a extra clip
Let them twenty bullets rip, and twenty niggaz flip
In this verse I'm so legit, I don't care what nigga you with
When you speak talk with a purpose, or don't open up your lip

Boys is out of line, this how we gon do it in 2005
We coming nigga, ha-ha whoa you all listening to the Man on Fire
DJ Smallz/Chamillionaire callabo, you already know
I might be moving too fast for em, so let me slow it up
So they can catch up with me, that's what it is


Houston been doing it back, since Screwed Up rap wasn't rap
Now Chamillionaire is back, to put that fact on the map
Lil' flicking ass niggaz, fix your act or get slapped
We keep hollows up in them holsters, get a package of blap
You could tell by the way the Texas logo, sit above the brim
I'm quick to tell a chick, to go and get another friend
If her attitude is right, she can have some fun and swim
Or I'll send her back board, like the glass above the rim
Yeah, I gotta keep it in control
New Yorkers say I'm nice, Texas niggaz say I'm thoed
From Blue-Blues to Saigon, to Joe Budden and Southern Flows
Don't matter what I'm sold, the streets saying that I'm cold
Down here the music slowed, po' a fo' in that cola
Fifth wheel falling back, my bumper kit in a coma
Couple friendly ass suckers, getting boulder and boulder
They telling me that they ready to get em, like Pimp C I'm like hol' up-hol' up

Yeah, it's Chamillionaire the Mix Tape Messiah
And right now, I am the Man on Fire
Representing for Houston Texas, invading the air waves
On the official Chamillionaire mix tape
This a Fear Factor Music, slash Southern Smoke
Slash Chamillitary, slash Beat Yo Ass production man
Ha-ha, bout to take it to the next level on this one
Ay Smallz, let's give em another exclusive to brag about man
(you ain't ready, I run these streets)

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