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(Play Dirty) Like I slipped in mud before the game and the coach wouldn't even let a playa go Change (Play Dirty) I talk mo trash than Ali I float like a butterfly and sting like Ali (Play Dirty) Break ya nose like Rodman did Pippen tha minute you start trippin I'll stick a bannana clip in ya (Play Dirty) Everything in life aint fair cause some times I play dirty can you feel me on that there.
Man fuck a rule book cutty I play dirty I got tatoos white boxers T-shirts and slugs when I'm in tha mirror then i'm fixing my mug I put a nigga on Top do I beat him with a hammer show him that I'm not a hoe I fill out an application at Papa Deaux work my way up to manager and rob the hoe Never know what I'm a do next like a lava lamp (Chook Chook) Pulled out them pockets on the damn dada pants ridin in a stolen car hotter than some fire ants I aint the baddest in the world but Im the baddest you than seen If i want you out that ride (Whoop) pull over like Trina Ya patna owe me cash I'm a get that bank put a switch in the car and a bomb in the gas tank.
(Paul Wall)
Catch me at the club with a clutch in my waist any hater run up I'll leave a scuuff on his face Blood on his face get drug to a lake for goodness sake invite the hood to his weight bannana in yo tailpipe suga in yo tank discombobulate your fuel pump when ya car crank Swalla up the beer brake a bottle in a chair grab a model by the hair when you holla in er ear GIRL GIVE ME YO NUMBER or i'll steal yo car Lou Hawk at the bar robbing money from the tip jar Throw yo neighborhood up if you don't par if a Busta holdin plex don't sit there and ignore Break a haters nose dismantle his jaw Them Hollywood boys gon handle it all If you want a stash spot trunk pop with the automatic Glock.
UH GOLD Diggers get pennies Man these hoes don't get any if she a stripper i'm a tip her with a counterfit 20 trying to get some new J'S and footlocker ain't got em I'm a grab the store clerk and drop him with tha Rock bottom (SHHH) I'm bout to sneak up on Bin Laden ask him where he been hidin the slap the snot out him (Play Dirty) Pay top dolla for a hungry rockwilder make you eat his dog food and see how fast you run patna (Play Dirty) Get pulled over by a cop I'll come to a complete stop then when he gets out I burn off in the drop. (Play Dirty) I'm I gon pay my warrents? No Cause I'm above the law I got the number to my bail but I'll probably never call Got old people making mean faces park horizonatal hogging all the handicaped spaces (Play Dirty) Now will I buy a hater a bottle of crisp? No I'll drink drink it and make it a bottle of piss swallow this (EWWW)
Tear it up Break it destroy it this ain't my club patna I aint got to pay for it (Repeat 2x)

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