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I'm so tired of getting cheddar, my cheddar be getting mad,
I told my cheddar chill, cause money fit into my stash.
I'm so far into the future, I can't even see the past.
I'm the ish baby maybe give a baby diaper rash.
I'm so greedy that my hand look like it's in need of cash.
I'm so greedy that my hand look like it's been eating grass.
Wanna see the zoo? You don't even need to pass,
The wildlife in my garage, how can you not see the Jag.
Six snakes inside my cash, and Imma tell you how,
9-1-1, and the snitch buttons on the dial.
I put so many jewels on the table on the towel,
To push all the ice off, you gone need a snow plow.
I be drilling it and killing it like Jason and the Mavs,
Man this idiot done asked me if Texas rappers last,
At Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles on the table acting bad,
Or in the middle of Mr. Chowns putting a table on my tab.
That means that I ain't local, so don't ask me bout a grill,
I am untouchable, so don't ask me how I feel,
Real people ain't gotta say it, so don't ask me if I'm real,
How I make a girl squeal and have her acting like a seal.
I turned on the news, Paris Hilton going to jail,
I got gold diggers in jail that say protection is for sell,
I know me having money is the truth cause my Dell,
Desktop looked at me like "Oo you've got mail!"
My money is my money, my money ain't a little,
I open up the safe and there's money in the middle,
The Victory is coming, for now here goes the riddle,
Worth a hundred and 70 thousand and the color of a Skittle,
What is it? What is it? The candy stuff I live it,
Just look in my garage you can't even say what is it.
A digit, a digit, then add another digit,
The bank is like my homie so the safe is what I visit,
Collision, Chamillionaire is about to snatch the crown,
No matter a fact, just rewind it back, cause I've already got it now.
I'm so grown up, and rap is like a child,
When I'm talking hope you ain't talking back 'fore I life my hand and POW!
My styles versatile, no copying my style,
The printer of the ink, you gone make a copy how?
That suicide better call a gravedigger now,
He'll be digging a hole in ya backyard like a child.
Soul dot com, or hip-hop dot com,
Tell the internet stands that I said I'm number 1.
My victory is done, who's sick as me? It's none.
I'm getting in everybody like Superheads cum.
My nuts weigh a ton, they bigger than ya gun,
No homo, but my flow's so good I think I'm bout to cum.
[Unhh, global warming, unhh, I think it's about to start storming]
I'll whip you at ya show, but wait till you finish performing,
I'll show up at your residence while roosters is yawning,
Like Phoenix, Arizona, nuts in the morning,
I'm at ya crib early giving 'duce to ya woman.
Like H-town, Texas, I know Hollywood boys,
That can hit a golf ball in the sky with good poise,
I watch horror flicks, but ladies get noise,
I can make a girl scream and sound like it's a good noise,
Rappers bow down to the sound of my voice,
I'm the rapper that you picking in the South, hood choice,
I got big Tonka trucks that don't sound like toys,
And I got homeboys with 5-9's like Royce,
Your choice, bet it be stinging like a cobra,
When my homies get it poppin like a soda,
If you're not Chamillionaire, than it's over,
Top of the charts, Imma hit it like a [?]

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