Letra da Música: In Money We Trust - Chamillionaire

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(Chorus) 2x
If you hate us you gone like us
If you like us you gone hate us
But one thing you can say is we some seroius paper chasers
Cause friends turn to haters
And some turn to traders
But my money never changes so "In Money We Trust"

(Cham verse)
White america stares at the pair of eyes and a colored face
Can they see why he love to chase
Green feddy in a gutta place
He grew up so he love the taste
Of dinero he's a disgrace
Denies that he's tellin a lie
Lookin right in his mothers face
Can't reside in his brother's face
Without ridin on dubs he take
He hidin above his waste
And go ride on some other fake
Ass claimin that he's real but when he's not on that camera
He grabbin gifts up for these hoes like he's copyin santa
When he not on that camera he talkin like Pac with his gramma
But he will not cock or pop the top of his hammer
Money's the reason why rich people get red dots on they flannel
Why bank tellers gotta get down on the floor like dave banner
Got a spot in that bama and also got a spot in that channel
Few of you know I got a spot to stack not in Atlanta
Don't trust the chick I'm with she fine and mixed with another race
But I keep the combination to my safe in a safe in another place
(Cause I don't trust'em)

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