Letra da Música: Flow (Drag 'em 'n Da River) - Chamillionaire

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(Pimp c)-im the trillest of the trill you the fakest of the fake

(Chamillionaire speaks)-


Im a drag him in the river, drop his body in a bay, with a note around
his throat, and you know what it say,(its rasaq boy), oh you want some,
you's a hoe dike jones, you's a hoe dike jones, you's a hoe,from the 4
and i dont give a shit,color changin click in this bitch,represnt who
you wit, im on 4's, suicide doors, searchin threw this city 4 this hoe
dike jones(where he at),take a shot of drank just to get me in the
zone(in the zone),I know know you see me coming better strap up ya
thong(up ya thong),i heard you bumpin gums so you betta get gone(get
gone) ,dont let this pistol handle come on top of yo dome(yo dome),
ridin 2 tone, grippin styrofoam, its the boy rasaq puttin it down for
akers home,nigga i know you fraud,dont make me pull ya card,tryin to
play it hard,but i caught you off gaurd

(they say we fell off,but what they didnt tell yall to get a mill all
we need to do is make a cell call)x2

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