Letra da Música: Answer Machine (Interlude) - Chamillionaire

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I wan' take the time out to give a shout out to everybody that's been helping me to get where I'm at today all tha people that been mentoring me and giving me good guidance charlie braxton, flex, scarface, lump, kj, c-loe in atl, killer mike, mat sonzalla, bun-b and all tha rest of the ol' g's that paved tha way before me celine wassup baby tha realest a & r on tha planet you alwayz gon' b more than just an a & r to me man

(2x)sorry you didn't reach me this da answer machine sorry im not by the phone but ya know that I'm gon call ya when I get home leave a message after tha tone

and the list continues baby juan gonzales out there in san antonio wayne out there in poly wreck, jay shep, lloyd out there in abelline, rob in killeen, ed and cap out there in dfw(?)virginia,(?) ed in cleveland, g low in dsr, mark in st. louis, carlton wade, kit shine in mephis, mike frost, j-mills, srappy, trillville, rap-a-lot, o-zone magazine what up jb, mowoods all access dvd i gotcha, amanda diva in new york my new york insider wassup baby, grindtime, pittbul, dot, kino, play-n-skills, big-time, mike and eminem, magno, pa dave, brother wood its all good, all da dj's dat been showin love and support, michael watts its still love weather you show it back or not, and tha original swisha house members i appreciate yall for paving tha way if your name was a name I forgot im sorry but this is where it stops

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