Letra da Música: True Love - Chaka Khan

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When You Try and Look Inside
Your Lover's Lovely Eyes
And You're Not Sure of What You're Seein'
And You're Thinkin' All the Time
Of the Tings You Should Have Said and Done
And What It All Could Really Mean
Remember That ...

True Love Never Looks Back On Heartache
True Love Never Looks Back On Sorrow
True Love Only Looks to Tomorrow
True Love Never Fades

When You're Lookin' For Some Lies
To Build a New Disguise
So You Can Run Away Again
Usin' Anger As a Fuel
You Go Breakin' Every Rule in Sight
Thinkin' That This Might Be the End
Remember That ...


Is There Really Any Wonder Why You're Feelin This Way
Livin' With a Dream Can Cut Just Like a Knife
Is There Really Any Wonder Why You're Lonely Today
When You're Givin' Up Livin' Up Your Live
Remember That ...


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