Letra da Música: Soul Talkin' (Featuring Bobby Mcferrin) - Chaka Khan

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Some Girls Need Emotion
Some Girls Just Want Some Fun
Some Look For Devotion
Some Just Wanna Run
Some Crave For Affection
Burnin' Up Inside
Some Need the Direction
For the World Outside

You Can Dance the Dance 'til the Mornin' Comes
But I'll Tell You Where I'm Comin' From

I Wanna Hear Your Soul' Talkin'
Wanna Hear Your Soul' Talkin'
Wanna Hear Your Soul' Talkin'

It's the Heart of the Matter
It's the Root of the Cause
It's the Still of the Moment
It's That Heavenly Pause
Well I Don't Need a Savior
And I Don't Need a Slave
I Just Want to Hear You
Through That Magnetic Wave

What I Need Is a Link to the Inner Mind
If You Want to Know My Bottom Line

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