Letra da Música: Pack'd My Bags - Chaka Khan

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I Can Tell By the Look That's in Your Eyes
And I'm Not Surprised
You Got to Move On Like the Sun Got to Rise
I'm Just Holdin' You Down

But the Universe Is Calling You
You Are One of Chosen Fews
You Got to Pay Your Dues

Me and the Baby Gonna Miss You
I See Your Smile in Her Face
I Only Wish We Were With You Now
It's a Lonely, Lonely Place


Hey, Pack'd My Bags, Put 'em At the Door
Hey, Pack'd My Bags, Put 'em At the Door
Hey, Pack'd My Bags, Put 'em At the Door

I Know You'll Make It
You Deserve It, You Know You Do
The Blues, You'll Shake It
I'll, I'll Focus Our View

Oh, Don't Let Them Change You
Come Like Thieves in the Night
Oh, Dont' Let Them Rearrage You, Boy
You've Got to Do What's Right



Once a Month, Each Time You Say
Goin' Away, Oh
I Don't Wanna See You Go
No no No no No no No no No No

Oh You, You've Got to Make It
You've Got to Make It, Boy
Go On Now

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