Letra da Música: Keep Givin' Me Lovin' - Chaka Khan

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Keep Givin' Me Lovin', Lovin', Lovin', Lovin'

Time After Time, I've Pondered This Love That I'm Feeling
I Feel So Divine
It Must Be a Crime
Don't Take It Away

More Than a Few Told Me "i Love You"
Now I Know Better
When It Got Down to You
Somehow I Knew
My Number Was Up For Some Sweet Sweet Lovin'

Keep Givin' Me Lovin', Lovin', Lovin', Lovin'
I'm Talkin' 'bout Lovin', Lovin', Lovin', Lovin'

You've Captured This Girl, Rockin' My World Ya Got Me Reelin'
Ain't no Future With Another
You're My One and Only Lover
Come On and Stay



Is It Any Wonder I Want You So
Only You Can Satisfy My Need
Can't You See My Hunger Won't Let You Go
Babe You Belong to Me, Just to Me

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