Letra da Música: I Can't Be Loved - Chaka Khan

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I've Been Thinking 'bout Yu, Oh Baby
And I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Tryin' to Live Without You, It's Crazy'
Cause no One Else Can Light My Fire

More Than a Few
Have Been Willing to Do Just What I Wanted
But As Hard As They Try
It Just Ain't Right, Oh Baby

I Can't Be Loved
By Anyone But You, Oh Baby, Baby
It's Not Enough
There Ain't no Substitute For You
I Can't Be Loved By Anyone But You
I Just Can't Live Without Your Love

My Emotions, Baby, Are Showing
No One Seems to Understand
This Commotion, Darlin', Keeps Growing
I'm Afraid It's Getting Out of Hand

Putting Aside All the Pain and the Pride
And I Still Want You, and I Need You Tonight

(Repeat Chorus)

Can't Be Loved
There Ain't no Chance For New Romance
Can't Be Loved
It Just Ain't Love With Someone Else

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