Letra da Música: Give Me All - Chaka Khan

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I Wanna Get Deeper
Deeper Than Skin
I Wanna Be More Than
Just Another Friend

I'm Ready to Love You
With All of My Heart
But I Won't Give It If You
Can't Do Your Part

A Little Bit Just Ain't It
Give Me All
A Little Love Is Not Enough
Give Me All

Need Your Lovin'
Need Your Kissin'
Don't Want Nothin'
To Be Missin'

You're Givin' Me Portions
You Wanna Move Fast
What You're Giving
Is Never Gonna Last

I Wanna Be Closer
I Need to Have More
'cause I'm Gonna Love You
Like no One Before



I'm On Fire Babe
You Wanna Build Me Up
Just to Let Me Down

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