Letra da Música: Eternity - Chaka Khan

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Seems Like An Eternity Since I've Been in Your Arms
A Multitude of Colorless Hours Pass
I Crave the Life Inside U, It Keeps Me From Harm
I Only Pray That It's Not Just Another God

Eternity, I Want 2 Be With U 4 All Eternity
Darling U Be, the Only One 4 Me Together 4 Eternity

I Long 2 Touch U (I Long 2 Touch U)
To Feel the Warmth in a World So Cold
Whenever We (Ooh) -- I Don't Know
But I Want U All the Time (I Wanna Hold On)
U R the Beginning Middle and End 2 Every Story Told
U R the Science of My Mind


And It Seems Like a Year Away
That U and I Were Making Love
One Should Take Life From Day 2 Day
But All My Dreams R Made Of
All My Dreams R Made of Eternity

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