Letra da Música: We'll Burn That Bridge - Brooks Dunn

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Hello miss heartbroke
Sit your sweet self down
It's good to see your dancin' feet back out on the town
Rumor has it you've had trouble with your man
I've had trouble of my own, I think I understand

We'll put out your old flame
We'll build a bigger fire
I'll pick up where he let you down and take you so much higher
And if his memory comes around
And you think you still care
We'll burn that bridge when we get there

Come on let your hair down we'll have us a time
He had his chance with you now all I want is mine
Give me half an hour or just a dance or two
And you'll forget old what's his name and how he walked out on you

(repeat chorus twice)

We'll burn that bridge when we get there
Burn it down baby

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