Letra da Música: Goin' Under Gettin' Over You - Brooks Dunn

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I woke up in the front yard
In the back seat of a buick
With the lights and the radio on
I stumbled 'cross the grass
To the front porch through the door
Of a house that once was our home
If love once lived here you can't tell it
If I could just let go I'd sell it
Oh, I'm goin' under gettin' over you

Made my way down the hall
Through the boxes to the bed
Where I used to hold you all night long
Your perfume on the pillow
Where you once laid your head
Stays there to remind me you're gone
It's gonna tear me apart if I let it
I should just move on and forget it
But, I'm goin' under gettin' over you

The days are long and the nights are tough
All alone it's just too much
I'm not handlin' well what I'm goin' through
The whiskey ain't strong enough
My hearts down to givin' up
I'm down to my last cigarette too
Oh, I'm goin' under gettin' over you

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