Letra da Música: The Movement - Bow Wow

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Intro: Pharrell
(O lawd)

Verse 1: Bow Wow
Young and confused wit nuthin to loose
But sumthin to prove, my hunger my views
I use em as tools to refuse for the sake of rebellin
Breakin tha rules and yellin,
Tellin em to come and walk in my shoes, come and try it
Be defiant, we put the heart of a lion
See if you like it, you livin yo life culturally bias
Cuz tha ghettos got a bad rep and we gotta bad rap
So we get a half step in da door
Get the last laugh (ha)
No future, no past We live for the right now
Want us to pipe down But this is wut life sounds like
When the thugs cry (and I) seen love die
(And I) seen that hates born and born as it takes off form
As we take on the world is placed on our shoulders
But socially they neva know wassup
They approach us wit they reconcieved notions
At least that's wut the homies told me

CHORUS: The celebrations the movement
Man we young and confused and to ambitious to loose it
Just see we lovin life
Since we was just critics they say that we'd be go gettaz

Like the war thing
I don't know what yall seen
But my generation is gettin caught
in the cross-beams uh
No Preparation, medication, and vaccines uh
No reperation for the children who ask things but
Aint no answers they just say pull ya pants up
They don't understand us and
Still reprimand us ,demand us
To live like this and that and that n dis
And it has us pissed and after dis?
Ill probably be banned
But I gotta take a stand
Cuz u seen wut happened wit Eminem
Ignored Stan, he just lost it
Be cautious, see we all targets
My thoughts is paretic
I feel so asthmatic
Outta breath, sick of talkin
So we takin action against the democracy
Full of hip-hopcracy
I know its more to me
Then my hip hop eyes they see
That's wut da homie said to me

Chorus 2x

Pharrell and Bow Wow:
In da world there's so much goin on
Could leave ya parinoid
Like that's just poppin noise
Please dont just think its project boys
Whether ya urban night or ya suburban night
It doesnt matta, wut matters is if ya swervin right
Dont get it twisted alot happens in suburban lives
Cuz dead is dead whether in ya room,
Or a curb at night
But the Lord is shinin on ya
He said in there to calm ya
He said Ill be back
The words like Sarah Conners
She said we sleepin on ya
Wake up and leanin on ya
Terminated, we playin terminated
By ya honor

Pharrell [Bow Wow]:
We dont wanna die [nah]
We just wanna fly

[Eva felt like u just wanna get away man?
Its the movement, i dont think yall heard me man..
Its the movement]

Chorus 2x

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