Letra da Música: Get It Poppin' - Bow Wow

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Listen take a few minutes to mellow out
The name's Weezy, girls, I wanna tell about
How I got them screamin' at the top of their lungs and
Let's get it poppin, let's get it jumpin
Ain't nothin to the young dog, one yard
Chalk's up, soon as I bark, I'mma muns top
B-Wizzle, swizzle, is you
Crazy baby, I'm rain, them boys just drizzle
No more tryin to be like Mike
Cause even Mike Jordan's two boys wanna be like I
All I ever hear when the girls go by is
I don't know, but uh,

(CHORUS) Let's get it poppin
Let's get it jumpin' (4x)

(Hook) I go by the name of Bow Weezy and
All the other law always be geesy and
I gotta do my thing to get the cheese again
You can't see me the better believe me man

Now I'm back for ya, to the swiss track for ya
When the giving's up, and I'mma get stacked for ya
It's me, please, when you believe
The ease that I run through them sucker emcees
B-dub, like, hit the club, I fix 'em up to swiss the mixes like
So, watch the club's get, high, yi, ya!
Feel like Kally when I drop by
Bodies droppin, all the mommies fakin'
Watch the kid eat paint, chains gangsta ain't it
Anxious to drop, the famous in the drop, get acquainted
Wit the hottest in entertainment

(go to chorus then to hook)

I can't lie, I love b-o-o-t-y, why?
Cause I never let it walk on by
When I see it in 'em Shago jeans
Crazy how baby's legs bustin from the scene like
Uh, uh, uh!
All over the track to the
Uh, pardon me, uh! Get up in the 'Lac
Just, sit inside the Denelli and relax
She was mentioning this, the way the threw it back like UH!
Why must I chase the cat, as I blaze the track
The snare, the hi hat
The base line is mine, the monitine canine, fenine
Now ya'll sing it line from line, now come on!

(Go to chorus then hook)

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