Letra da Música: I'll Forgive You - Bobby Valentino

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I might as well admit it
that I still miss you
I know what I said but its
kinda hard for me
and its hurtin me
this is bigger then pride
and I wanna give it another try
I'm still torn in two
but love made me make this decision soo


I'll forgive you
but you really hurt me
my heart wants to try us again (yaa)
I know your only human
but you almost destroyed me
our love was worth it
still I need a little more time


I hope you learned your lesson
bout' hurtin' the ones you really love
cuz' I was a soldier for you
woulda done anything to prove it to you
maybe we can get on track
pretend the love will bring you back
cuz theres nobody else for me
my heart just wants to say this to you

(chorus repeat 2x)


Gotta figure this out
we needa new start no more decietful liess
if someone told me we would be apart
I would say your foolish
cuz' god brought you to me

(chorus repeat 2x)

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