Letra da Música: Chance on Love (Danger Zone) - Black Sabbath

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You done turn
A turnin' back
Look and found everyday

I need fine your cold love
Took me by love that tames
Come on back turn and lie
You lovin my heart of love
You done take
Taken my love that burned

Feel your love

Come on take another chance
Take another chance on love
You never know what your apt to find
A turned on love control
I was day son of light
Fall in my dark hole
I been there
But i cannot let you go

I live by chances
Love is for chancing
I'll think i'll chance love

I'll deal in dances
Love is like that oh
I'll take my chances
Take a chance on love


Come on take your chance at love
A change that's there for the turn
You left faith
You won't believe
I've taken myself a turn

Come on take another turn
Holdin' my saddle bag
I can't shake, look at myself no more

I'll take my chances
Lovin' forgot love
I'll take my chances

How did you doubt love
Try love for chancing
I'll take my chances
Take a chance on love


Turn of light
Turning my lover down
I was tired but i can not lie
Look at my turn again
Come on back turn alive
Turn in my love again
Come take another chance on love

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