Letra da Música: This Is What It Sounds Like (Worldwind) - Black Moon

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Hum, And another one (Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha)

Buck flow with the speed of a bodsled
Bust led to the head plus I stay red
Everytime I think about the dead
I think about what Makaveli said
Fight for the one's who bled
And this MC shit we at V shit got outta hand
But they aint stop the plan
No respect for this but my perspective is
Those who walk the path of the straight and narrow
We could rule the land like farrow
Plus enjoy the bone to the marrow
Delicious, eat an emcee for breakfast the break fast
Shatter niggaz dreams like glass a ass
How many niggaz wanna get with this shit mxed the boo's
And sit with this is what it sounds like

1 - This is what it sounds like
When ya walk in the worldwind [x5]

I heard alot of yall try to dis the flex
Hum, who the fuck im gonna scream on next
Is it you in the black truck moving with your gat stuck
Good try to follow buck but ya got bad luck
Next time you get your bullshit click to try to hit me up fast
Dont give em gas
Fuck if its the past I outlast the rest of them
Shot the best of them
Who the fuck wanna test the son
Guns got developed in the war we fight
>From the weakest to the strongest
I been on tour for the longest at night
I used to dream about becoming the star when
I first seen the microphone feened the R
In 86 and now im in the mix
I like the blackstreet I need a fix
So call up the doctor its
Time to rock you with the shit
So sit back cause when I hear it
Beat bodies, niggas man I flip its

Repeat 1

I used to hear beats
Buck with the baseline
And 1 thing I never did was waste time
Rhyme after rhyme I got
Tired of MC's coming with weak shit
Damn u need the BD beats
So I give it to you in the form of this
Not an alcoholic but I sip liquid lyrics
They put me in the mood to bug out (bug out)
Lyrically a victor weak you could get the fuck out
When I sneak huh I wrote a L first
Im thinking about this earth and how we walked this hell first
I hold on to this rap shit
See its the world in me music lets me be free its the only true girl for me
Im representing form 1, 2, 3, 5FT, Buckshot and Evil Dee
You knew that I was coming but MC's not came out
And showed how we get MC's got
Kid I got alot, but Imma save it for later you tell me who's greater
When they rock with Beatminerz

Repeat 1

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