Letra da Música: That's The Way Shit Iz - Black Moon

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[Intro: Buckshot]
That's the way shit iz
That's the way shit iz
That's the way shit iz
And that's the way shit iz

My man on the corner with a bottle of juice
Every day hustlin', botherin' you
Well, what would you do, if it came to you?
And the world put the blame on you, like it's your fault?
I was taught, no shorts, to take
Get everything I want and go for break
Go for broke, don't you know
Life is like one big door, closing slow
So, let's procede, gotta have probe bigger than the S.C.
Or, M3, or Benz 3, or them three, or anything
Of them things, so -- let's get deeper
Cause life is dictated through a speaker
And y'all need ta, peep the, bigger picture
Behind that, reefer, every generation needs a
New drug, to me, that shit been bugged
Well, I guess that's how it be cuz
The world won't change, and you can't change the world neither

[Chorus: Tek (Buckshot) {Steele}]
Every day all day, round the way
Gettin' chased by the rich, you wish
(That's the way shit iz)
{Little homey just didn't make way
Got blazed on the strip}
(That's the way shit iz)
Young g had money and the game
Got played a bitch
(That's the way shit iz)
{All I know, is we gon' roll
And we won't stop til we make it rich}
(And that's the way shit iz)

Living in the fucked up city
Walkin', trynna avoid beef, from often
Hawkin', by the same little dudes with a lil' food
Got a let fed, now they feel a little rude
Fuck feuds, they don't fight, they fire
Cause they won't let Buckshot retire
I, then keep it going though
When it get outta hand, don't tell so and so
Fam, niggaz be frontin', like they man
Wanna run to the cops, give 'em the drop on the shot
Damn, comin' out my crib, I seen two cops
Started wildin' out, thinkin' I'm 2Pac, bust 2 shots
Now it's a warzone, and I'm on the run
Plus I got a body on the gun, gotta call my son
Son, this is shit is off the chain
Nowadays, niggaz will do whatever for fame
There's no gain, no shame, it's a double o thing
Right now, the po' men love to go to pole main

[Chorus x2]

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