Letra da Música: Six Feet Deep - Black Moon

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[Verse 1:]
At night I can feel the vibe in sight
straight through the individual in flight
Everybody got hit when I bust heat, I had to let the 1-2 guage...speak
Why? Because we Murder MC's everyday, motherfuckers don't play
Straight from the under, whenever I see the wonder, I wonder
How, nuff punk niggas got caught let's start, the art is the choclate
I'm sparkin' it, play the quarterback, hut, so I can get a nut
When I take a pull niggas your dead bwoy what?
I'm talking to you and your whole crew, pick 'em out
Whatever one you want dead first
save the best for last cause I got a verse
That'll burst like Bubble Yum, troublesome
dumb niggas in the back on crack thats...

"6 feet deep in the crease" [x16]

[Verse 2:]
Thunder, thunder from the one
the original one to pack heat like the sun
Pull a gun, niggas better run, FAST, nigga what?
Nigga bring apon cock on ass
Look behind and feel the heat from the devil on your back
I'm pullin' a mac, hum, now learn your lesson, now Smif-N-Wesson
Recognize that Heltah Skeltah's on the rise
and you can look into the eyes of a devil
Motherfuck a 10% cause when I represent the 5%, the God's get bend
Shake from the right to left now left to right
You drop the mic cause you was BUTT, throw your hands up WHAT?
Fatigue wear up to here, no fear
wear your TImberlands tie them up now we in there
I get no time to fake G's, come follow me
6 feet deep inside the creep

[Hook x16]

Verse 3:
First MC up to bat, Buckshot back never wack
cause I can attack the shrat?
Black and original crooks style, no style is the bitch ass style
You fuck around and get the gun blaow, look at me now bwoy
Come test, get out the buddha,sees can make a man get finesse
You must be fuckin' with that backyard bullshit
Cause the cord shit that I fuck with get me it, no doubt
A dime of that Hawaiian sess, make a nigga like me finesse
Forget about stress just parlay, play the side
And I'm a take you niggas on another ride, like...

[Hook x16]

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