Letra da Música: The Chance Of Love - Bee Gees

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You and me we're both the same.
It's this life a lonely game.
I used to be a happy man.
And now I understand
just what it's all about.
I never had a doubt
on the chance of love.

As a boy I lived down here.
I always saw you near.
To be together was happiness.
And I just can't forget
the moment we first kissed.
I'd like to try again
on the chance of love.

Yeah, on the chance of love.
I'll do anything
to get you
by my side.
On the sound of love.
I will love you girl.
You'll be mine.

All the world would then be free.
An apple falls from an apple tree.
You and I will be together.
And you will understand
when I first take your hand
I'll open up the door
to the chance of love.

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