Letra da Música: Lockdown - Barcode

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Wretched deed done under cover of night
Coast is clear, not a witness in sight
No one will ever know what went down
Hoping to be the on that got away

No trails left, it's a matter of time
This shouldn't even be called a crime
Gataway-car looks shiny and bright
You can't convince of what's wrong or right

Get locked down

Think thing thru, that's a piece of advice
One day in freedom, now that would be nice
Romance is off, you're someone's bitch
Don't think of me when you're scratching that itch

All is fair game tonight
Forget the deal thought real
You're on you're own
The code ain't got your back in here this time you run

Cellmate driving you insane
Making you miss your old ball and chain
Getaway is tight, not a guard in sight
Plan your escape
We're all coming out tonight

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