Letra da Música: Built To Destroy - Barcode

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This thing here was built to last
Ripping the ground, and it's fast
Fumes in the air, not that I care
Ain't got no time, ripping a tear
18 wheels of pure destruction
Don't get in the way
It's our own construction
Full speed ahead makes you think you're dead
The show's on the road, get ready to explode

Run and hide - it's your only choise
Listen closely to my voice

This thing is going for the top
Brakes are out and there's no stop
Fools will die, you will try
There's no lights on my ride
It is for the long haul
This thing is all cock and balls

There's no stop now

Invading new turf in a crazy machine
Bashing along, know what I mean?
Dirty old truck on a dirty old scene
Judged obscene, greasy and mean

There's a price to be paid
You don't know what you get

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