Letra da Música: A Wider Shade of Pain - Barcode

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New beginning all is clear ahead
Now it's time for the moment you dread
This thing is going down tonight
Try to save your pearly whites

New addiction to the AA CREW
Trying hard, but there ain't shit you can do
All you bitches try bring me down
You're all in it for the hardcore crown

It's all min - stop that in - done my time - feeling fine
You're a fake - what's at stake - ready for you're mistake

That's right

Time is right and you are still talking shit
The same old song we've heard so many times before
Won't you quit?
You play it cool like a fool, do you believe in your lie
How can you tell me an you that everything is all right?
People look up to you
Surely deaf and blind
Listening when you speak
Deranged is the meek

You're a superhero
In your own right
I'm number one fan
You're shittalking man

Break it down motherfuckers

What the hell did you expect?
Me standing on the side?
Get your shit and follow me
I'll take you for a ride
To a place where no one gives a hit about the crap you spill
You are here for our entertainment - what a thrill

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