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If I could right the wrongs that made you cry
girl would you promise not to say good-bye
so I'm holding on
With A Love so strong
And I can't take a day without you by my side

Girl If I could change
if I could change your mind
Baby you could help me wipe these tears from my eyes

Girl Don't stop
the sun from shining down on me
'Cause I can't face another day without your smile
And If you take away the loving arms that suit around me
Then I might break down and cry just like a child

Girl I can't belong and I won't be free
If I fail to bring your lovin' back to me ( oh back to me)
So I'm pressin' on
I hope you understand
that there's a broken heart that lies within your hands

So If I could change (So if i could change)
And it won't hurt your pride ( and it wont hurt your pride)
Baby you can help stops these tears that i cry


Extended Chorus
Like a child
Just like a child
With the spirits running free
She showed me why
Oh, she did

Like a child (oh baby)
Just like a child
think of what our love could be
If our hearts could set us free
Like a child


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