Letra da Música: The Flyest Girl - B2k

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Ooooh ooh
Yeah i never felt this way about a girl man I think i'm in love
What you talkin' bout man you just seen her you dont even know her...yo lets stop wit all this mushy isshh and drop the beat...oooh yea uh-huh b2k what
uh yo lil'fizz tell what is on yo mind
yo she was like so cute with her baby phat shirt and tee lookin' at me and said (you a real hottie) well look baby if you want to spend the night wit me we can go back to da crib just groove baby me and you you knowin what we gon' do never kno what it might lead to but lets just enjoy the night yea u got it aight
gave her my numba she said that she will call me up she hit my 2-way pager she told me good luck on my show afterwards you kno what we gone do we might just bang or i'll hit it and we'll be cool
The flyest girl I ever seen dont her name but maybe it could be Whitney,Brittany or Cidney i'm just guessing the flyest girl I ever seen dont even know her name but it could keisha,teisha,or neisha anything i'll just have to see
yo i must be dreamin I mean im in her bedroom knowin her momma not home we just home alone I said what you doin what you doin waht you doin ova there
she said
What ya think what you think im just brushin my hair
why you doin that because you kno it's just gonna get messed up by that time i found it was a dream and i woke up
then she called up and i said girl wassup then she replied
boy what doin tonight Im gonna be home alone tonight you should just spend time with me booy
boy what you doin tonight im gonna be home alone tonight you should just spend time with me boy
theres no need to ask i'

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