Letra da Música: I Need A Girlfriend - B2k

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i got everything i want in my life except a girlfriend

just caught bentley and parked in my garage
at 2 o'clock i pull in for my massage
and everywhere that we go they know just who we are
there they go it's them ghetto superstars
the latest throwback and air 1's on my feet
get out the benz and im all up in the jeep
takin pics with chicks that look alicia keys
all of that i'm still missing 1 thing

a girlfriend(girlfriend)
i need a girlfriend(girlfriend)
a girlfriend(girlfriend)
would you be my girlfriend (girlfriend)

we hit the mall and buy up all the nike suites
im bein pampered while im chillin by the pool
from the shore
to the limo
to the club
everywhere showin nothin but some love
got plenty cloths
plenty ice
plenty cash
im pretty swoll
pretty ass
plenty shhh
i got every single thing that i need
except for a main squeeze


(alright alright we got b2k up in this beat)
tell me who's gonna be my girlfriend...
(and we need all the ladies out there lookin for a nice fella to get up out there seat)
and who out there needs a real man....
(put your hands up ya'll uh)
and who's gonna ride or die with me...
(who's gonna be that ride or die chick for me tonight uh)
who's gonna give me don't care what they need...

(LiL Fizz)
i need a thing with big hips that just my motivation
no more game preperation
this is pimperation
she must be ready and steady for romance-session
i'm talkin willin to learn a LiL Fizz lesson
now she blamin it again and now we arguin
talkin girl talk lesson tellin all her friends
but i seen this new chick tonight
and imma make her my girlfriend
my girlfriend

(chorus 2x's)

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