Letra da Música: I Know You're There - B2k

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You take me to paradise
And I feel as though Im goin
out of my mind, cant you see
Every time Im with you I feel weak
Even though were in a dream, oh I
Cant last a day without
your touch, your kiss
Gently caressing my body
My body is only for you
Distant love, wish I
knew how I met you
I know I shouldnt waste
time wonderin
Is it you who yearns when
I touch your skin
So gentle, so gentle, I can feel you
Tell me
Tell me this is no lie
I see you in the reflection
of my eyes
If your not here, please
tell me where


I know that youre out there
(I can feel that you are close
by your here somewhere)
Ive been waitin so long for you
(Is life a dream, are things
really what they seem)
When I close my eyes youre here
(Yo, I wanna hold you if only I could show you)
Dreamings not like reality
(Cause youre my destiny
girl you know)
Need you too

Is this a curse or am I blessed
I think Im going mad
Up in this cold world
without my girl
I visualize her daily because I am feeling incomplete without my lady
I see things like her image
Lurking in the mirror
Im fantasizing, wishing she were right beside me

But realising I am
dreaming its an illusion
So much confusion
Im crazy about this lady
You haunt me, I have never met
you but I can swear to god in my dreams I smell and touch you
I long for you wanna hold
you when I am lonely
Cause in my heart youre
the only one who knows me
If only I could manifest
your very being I could show
you a part of me
No girl has ever seen
Believe me youre the only
one in this whole world for me
I know your out there so-acapo

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