Letra da Música: I Be (Freestyle) - B2k

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I be that ghetto ghetto girl fixing bon koolaide
but I never spill a flavor less Im getting money made
now i have normal rhymes and some rhymes thats so ill
spitting words all day like an atomic oil spill
Im from the deepest part of jersey on the south city
you probably never heard of salem but we very much alive
if you come out here to visit you better stay real
cuz if you gotta lot of mouth I suggest you stay sealed
lots of mc's is out here and early in the game
all of them wanna battle you and leave you feelin shamed
you wanna know who I Be and you gon know who i be
that out of control gurl causing controversey

my rap....im 14 years old..live in salem nj....immma rapper..dancer.. singer.
sorry i put it on here but I had to get heard holla........
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