Letra da Música: Goosip Folks - B2k

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(people in the background chatting)
yo yo yo move out of the way
we got missy elliot coming through
girl that missy elliot she lost alot of weight
girl i heard she eats one cracker a day
oh well i heard the bitch was married to tim
and started fuckin with trina
i heard the bitch got hit with three zebras and
a monkey
i cant stand the bitch no way

when i walk up in the peice
i aint gotta even speak
i'm bad mamajama goddammit motherfucka
you aint gotta like me
how you studying these hoes
gotta talk what you know
and stop talking bout who i'm sticking and
licking jus mad it aint yours
i know ya'll poor ya'll broke
ya'll job jus hanging up clothes
step to me get burnt like toast
muthafuckas adios amigos
halves halves wholes wholes
i dont brag i mostly boast
from the VA to the LA coast
iffy kiffy izzy oh

musi ques
i sews on bews
i pues a twos on que zat
pue zoo
my kizzer
pous ziga ay zee
its all kizza
its always like
its all kizza
its always like
na zound
na zee
na zoom zoom zee

when i pull up in my whip
bitches wanna talk shit
i'm driving i'm glad and i'm styling
in these muthafuckas eyes did you see it?
i'm gripping these curbs
shuur, did ya heard
i love em my fellas my furs
arghhhh i fly like a bird
chicken heads on the prowl
who you trying to fuck now
naw you aint getting loud
better clam down for i smack your as down
i need my drum bass high hat
i need my snare strings horns and
i need my tim sound
right left
izzy kizzy looky here


i dont go out my house shorty
you just waiting to see
who gon roll up in the club and then report
that next week
just wanna see who i am fucking boy
sniffing some coke
i know by the time i finish this line i'm a hear
this on the radio



(people in the background chatting)
yo staright up missy killed tat shit tonight for
i know i knowi dont even care about her
being pregnant by micheal jackson
you know what we should do
we should go get her album when it come out
there she go there she go there she
heeeey misssy

hi missy?
what up fools?
you think i aint knowin' ya'll broke milli vanilli
jay jay van wannabes aint iver here
gossing 'bout me?
yo how bout you buff these pumas for 20
cents so your lights wont get cut off
you soggy breasts cow stomachs
yo take off those baby gap shirts off too
you just mad cuz payless ran out of plastic
pumps for the after party
yo by the way go get my album

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