Letra da Música: Shameful - Atreyu

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You should of ran for days
You embrace you betray
What's left to say you're set to shame
But when you ran you tripped and fell on a path
That led you straight to hell!
This is the salt in your wounds
This is why i told you so

If you knew what i know
Would you move like you do
With malicious discontent
Yeah! what about my pain to destroy
But did you have a reason why

Here's to lowering caskets of old friends
Choice they got to gloat above the new day
With the death of it all then (start over!)
Here's to burying hatchets with those who you never call your friends
Above the new day with the death of it all then (start over!)

Can you breath in reach and then let it out
The evil inside i see the new world tonight!
With every venomous move i will suck you up and spit you
Get out of my life get out of my sight!


You let yourself get carried away
Don't act like you're ashamed
You let yourself get carried away
By your hand now accept the blame
You let yourself get carried away
Bury this one you won't waste
And now it's time to see
What you don't mean to me


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