Letra da Música: A Letter To Someone Like You - Atreyu

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(Why, Why, Why, Why) x4
-Sometimes this beauty is choking me,
but at least its your hands at my throat
Your lashes brush against my cheek,
coupled with your breath on my neck
The world around you falls away and I will still be there
I know my words are like daggers but they cut me too
-And I am sorry for all the fucked up things I say I didn't mean it
And I never realized that I can be what I hate
-Lets be happy with what we have, enjoy the beauty in these days
Sometimes we'll laugh sometimes we'll scream no one said caring was easy
-I know there was a time when emotions felt like pulling teeth
Sometimes I felt so souless I couldn't even look at me
It's pathetic to hate who you are and it feels like hell to change
But I'll be damned if I push you away

i remember when my dreams were dying, and i damned the sun, i damned the sun to pieces, i carved hateful thoughts into my chest, then you took my hand and nothing has ever felt the same, and nothing, has ever, nothing has ever felt the same.

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