Cifra da música: Right Thing To DO - Sandy & Junior

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Tom: E 

(E  Esus4)  
Mama told me to be
Careful of what you see
Don't pick fruit from the tree
Too easily 
Papa told me to find
Some kind of peace of mind
Don't go chasing time
Too eagerly

(E  Esus4)
Don't say that you love me
If you're not standing true
Don't say that you need me
                 D              G              A 
Just because you think it's the right thing to do
That's not why I wanna be with you

(E  Esus4)
My friends told me to play
But don't let things go astray
And when you're in the fast lane
Keep driving straight
I don't mind taking a chance
And start making new plans
But I gotta know you're the man
To change my day


(E  Esus4)
People come and they go
But there's one thing I know
If you've got love let it show
D  E  F#  A
Don't hide it


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