Cifra da música: A tale that wasn't right - Helloween

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       Am         Em    
Here I stand all alone
        Am             Fm       
Have my mind turned to stone
        Dm                   Am
Have my heart filled up with ice
    Em                 Am     G  
To avoid it's breakin' twice

        Am                Em
Thanx to you, my dear old friend
              Am               Fm
But you can't help, this is the end
     Dm               Am
Of a tale that wasn't right
        Em              Am
I won't have no sleep tonight

F5 G5 A5           G5
In my heart, in my soul
         F5      C5      #A5 G5 
I really hate to pay this to-ll
F5     G5 A5                G5
Should be strong, young and bold
        F5           E5      A5
But the only thing I feel is pain

       Am                Em
It's alright, we'll stay friends
            Am      Fm
Trustin' in my confidence
          Dm              Am
And let's say it's just alright
          Em            Am
You won't sleep alone tonight


        F5           G5              E5

            D5              E5             A5

F5   G5 A5             G5
With my heart, with my soul
          F5      C5        #A5 G5
Some guys cry you bought and so-ld
F5      G5   A5                G5 
They've been strong, young and bold
         F5                   E5
And they say, play this song again


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