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  Am                        F            C         G
I still remember every hour Every second has been ours
Am                       F            G         E
Far away from any burden We met eyes without a curtain
Am                            F                 C     G  
Headless into a new sensation Wether brain nor fear or patience
Am                                  F                 D
Careless we had a game to play You crossed my way for twenty days

Bm         D        G     F#
Why don't you just heal
    Bm        D      G                         F#     
The yearning that I feel Hey, what we called a game

Is more than just a handful of pain

Am  F/A    Am      F/A
We go the wrong ways
         G/A          F/A                  
Cause I believe it's more than just a handful of pain

We're different colours, different nature
F                 C          G
Both we were like pupil and teacher
It's a puzzle with two pieces
F                     G         E
Still not done 'cause one still misses
Helpless I go through unknown stages
F                        C           G
A chapter of life which has missing pages
Am                              F
Torture's not only physical It painds unbound
Way, way down

Why don't you just heal...

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